High resolution printing model for receipt, ticket and label printing
2-3 inch adjustable printer module


  • 300dpi
  • 24V駆動
  • USBインターフェイス
  • オートカッタ
  • ラベル紙
  • Paper width 58mm
  • Paper width 60mm
  • Paper width 65mm
  • Paper width 76mm
  • Paper width 80mm
  • Paper-width 82.5mm

Product featuresProduct features

  1. High resolution 300dpi printing
  2. Applicable for the thick paper (Paper thickness: 120 to 250 micrometres)
  3. Paper width adjustable (53 to 86mm)
  4. Operating temperature: -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
  5. It is equipped with "Mega Font" which composed of the almost 2 times dots from conventional font, to provide for maximizing the legibility of printed receipt.
  6. Supporting 2D barcode (QR code model2 and PDF417) printing

Main specificationsMain specifications

Model name NP-3B11U
Print speed 150 mm/sec.
Number of dots / Line 960 dots
Paper width 53 to 86 mm adjustable
Print width 81.3 mm (at max.)
Paper diameter 83 mm (250 mm: to use with optional paper holder UPH-U250)
Character International, English, Chinese, Korea, Greek, Polish, Russian, Scandinavian, Turkish, Japanese
Barcode UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE39, CODABAR, ITF, CODE128, CODE93, QR code (model2), PDF417
Interface USB (V2.0 Full Speed)
Cutter Full cut
External dimensions 120.5 (W) x 76.1 (D) x 83.5 (H) mm
Options PS11-E2/U2, UPH-LA, UPH-U250


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Model name:PS11-E2/U2

  1. Power supply DC24V
  2. 2 pin converter is bundled.

Model name:UPH-LA

  1. Multiple paper positioning
  2. It comes with paper near end sensor.

Model name:UPH-U250

  1. Firm structure to support large roll paper
  2. It comes with paper near end sensor.
  3. Paper width adjustable: 58 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 85 mm, 112 mm
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