As a specialized manufacturer of industrial mini printers, we provide an integrated business from product planning and development to manufacturing in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Functions and quality of printers manufactured here have been highly trusted and evaluated by customers in various countries in the world.

Management mission

  • Continuously challenging to create new markets as a leading company of industrial mini printers
  • Keeping on increasing customer satisfaction by product knowledge nurtured through human resource education
  • Realizing products usability increase and continuing to provide products

Planning and development

We provide higher technology and wide knowledge, putting KIOSK printers at the center, by developing everything for mini printers in-house covering development of mechanism, interface boards, farmwares and applications including drivers.


We have adopted the integrated manufacturing lines for producing bodies of products delivering to our customers carefully one by one and we also complete assembling, packing and shipping inspection. In our assembly plant, we control timely components supply and quantity of assembling fitting to manufacturing plans, acquire data of assembling time and others in the manufacturing process for realizing the assembly operation trusted by customers by controlling products quality and man-hour continuously.

Toward KIOSK number one and only one global company, we have set the installation simplicity and the system implementation easiness at the center.

Company information

NIPPON PRINTER ENGINEERING INC. was founded in November 1986 for responding to the needs from various NIPPON PRIMEX INC.’s users. We provide OEM products of special printers and export KIOSK printers to international customers widely including U.S.A and Europe. We also moved our factory to Town of Fujikawaguchiko and we are continuously trying to expand our business.

Description of business Developing and manufacturing hardware and software for the industrial mini printers.
Company start-up 1st Nov. 1986
Capital 299,000,000 Japanese Yen
President of the company Zenji Nakagawa
Address 2660 Katsuyama Fujikawaguchiko-machi Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi 401-0310 JAPAN
TEL +81-555-83-5678
FAX +81-555-83-3456

2660 Katsuyama Fujikawaguchiko-machi Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi 401-0310 JAPAN