Environmental PolicyEnvironmental Policy

Acquiring ISO14001 certification

NIPPON PRIMEX INC. acquired “ISO14001” certification, an international environmental management system standard established by International Organization for Standardization, on 16th January 2004. NIPPON PRINTER ENGENEERING INC. also acquired the certification on 28th January 2008. We completed a group-level certification acquisition. We will try to prevent environmental contamination and to preserve environment by building an environmental management system suitable for this group and addressing continuous improvement by all members.


NIPPON PRIMEX Group environmental policy

1. NIPPON PRIMEX group ( “NIPPON PRIMEX INC.” “NIPPON PRINTER ENGINEERING INC.” hereinafter called “this group” ) , on the basis of creative corporate activities, provide products which satisfies customers and deliver environment-minded products, service and support as a trading company specializing in industry peripheral equipment mainly of mini printers and as a development and manufacturing vendor specializing in mini printers.

2. This group build the environment management system suitable for this group and prevent environmental contamination and to preserve environment through continuous improvement activities by all members.

3. We observe legal regulations related to environment and other requirements which are agreed by this group.

4. We set our objectives for environment according to this policy, review and revise them and try to do business activities with a light load to the environment.

5. We list the following action items and work on with all members united.
(1)Saving resources and energy
(2)Reducing paper consumption
(3)Promoting separating waste materials by type and recycling
(4)Promoting green procurement of office supplies
(5)Properly controlling chemical substances

This policy will be fully spread to all employees in this group and all members who works with us on consignment and we will publish this policy to the outside.

Revised on 1st April 2017.
NIPPON PRIMEX INC. Chairman and CEO representative director
NIPPON PRINTERENGINEERING INC. Chairman representative director
Zenji Nakagawa