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As a development, manufacturing and sales company specialized in industrial mini printers, NIPPON PRIMEX group has a management vision of “we carry out social responsibility and play a part of the member in society as well by providing high quality technology, products knowledge and know-how necessary for the society growth from the world wide points of view. ”
We believe our important mission is raising enterprise value while trying to grow perpetually and establishing strong corporate foundations by providing our unique high-quality technology, products and services widely to both domestic and international markets with “the sound business management” at the center in order to fulfill this management vision in the very fast evolving information technology and customers’ needs diversification.
Our group is trying to enhance the quality of services provided to customers and promoting formation of social foundation harmonized with environment. We have aggressively worked on acquiring ISO14001certification on a company-wide basis and ISO9001 certification in development and manufacturing divisions in order to improve business productivity.
We will push forward with our business for accomplishing our responsibility to stakeholders, clients, employees and society by securing corporate growth and profits with customer driven attitude.

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