2-3 inch adjustable LED presenter


Product featuresProduct features

  1. Paper retraction function
  2. Blue and Red LED indicate various of status
  3. Simple and compact design

Main specificationsMain specifications

Model name NPT-308L
Paper width 58 to 80 mm
Paper thickness 59 to 105 micrometres
Transferable Paper length 60 to 250 mm
Transfer speed Approx. 300 mm/sec.
Paper eject mode Clump mode, Retraction mode
Operating voltage DC24V
External dimensions 98.7 (W) x 59 (D) x 42.3(H) mm
Available models NP-2511D-3, NP-3511D-3, NP-2611D, NP-3611D, NP-3911D, NP-3A11UK, NP-KV20DM, NP-KV20DK, NP-KV30DM, NP-KV30DK, NP-KV20BM, NP-KV20BK, NP-KV30BM, NP-KV30BK


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