Privacy policy Privacy policy

NIPPON PRIMEX INC. (hereinafter called our company) recognizes that protecting your important personal information is important social responsibility so as to be the company with whom customers can do business relievedly.

Our company has established company regulations in order to observe “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other standards and has made executives and employees follow them.

To put it concretely, our company will work on protecting personal information on the basis of the following basic policy.

1. Purpose of using personal information

Our company uses personal information for the following purposes and our company never uses
it for any other purposes.

  • To provide information regarding software upgrades and technical information
  • To provide information and services regarding products and services including those by our associated companies and partner companies
  • To check the order status for consumable supplies
  • To check products’ conditions and others

2. Types of personal information to be collected

Our company collects personal information as follows.

  • Name of person in charge
  • Department name, company name, company address, company telephone number, company fax number, company e-mail address
  • Products’ name, serial number, purchasing date, information regarding supplier and personal information which we need for managing our support, sending information regarding our products or providing services to customers

3. Providing personal information

Our company never provides personal information of individuals outside except for the following cases.

  • Cases with advance agreement by each individual
  • Cases with our business outsourced to external parties (including our distributors ) within the scope of necessity for fulfilling the purpose of use
  • Cases when it is considered to be necessary for each individual or public benefit
  • Other cases which have grounds in laws or regulations

4. Personal information management practice

Our company is taking appropriate measures for retaining accuracy in personal information of individuals and keeping it updated.
Furthermore, we are trying our best to prevent unjust access to personal information of individuals, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of individuals’ personal information by executing systematic, technical and human measures for safety management required by regulations etc.
Our company shall take prompt and appropriate measures when we have accidents regarding personal information if by any chance.

5. Personal information disclosure, correction, etc. and suspension of use, etc.

When our company receive requests by individuals for personal information disclosure, correction, etc. (correction, addition or deletion) and suspension of use, etc. (suspension of use or cancellation), we will take actions after identity verification as long as there is no hindrance to our business.
If our company cannot accept requests from each individual, we will explain the reason to the person themselves.

6. Continuous improvement regarding personal information handling

Our company will be trying to improve personal information handling continuously for better personal information protection by reviewing it periodically.
Please contact us to the following contact information for inquiries if you have any opinions regarding the handling of personal information. Our company will respond to them appropriately.
Our company will publish it immediately by notifying you or posting on the homepage when the contents of this policy are changed.

7. Contact information for inquiries regarding personal information


  • You can also send us inquiries from “Contact us” in our homepage.
  • Please note that inquiry e-mails from addresses in free mail are not accepted.